Picture of Screaming Trash Bin Prank
Here's an easy and cheap prank for April fools day, or any day!

Almost any bin can be hacked to scream when opened using just some easily modifyable electronics and a limit switch.

This prank had to happen to have a use for the noise maker from a flying/screaming ThinkGeek monkey bought by Mikeasaurus. After flying around the Instructables office, spilling coffee and making far too much noise, threats were made on its life and so it had to be silenced.

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Step 1: Tools & Materials

  • a drill/braddle
  • soldering iron
  • a glue gun

  • a screaming/yelling toy
  • solder
  • a limit switch (Normally Closed)
  • small length of wire

Step 2: Operate

Picture of Operate
The motion activated noise makers from lots of novelty toys are PERFECT for this project. Items like ThinkGeek's screaming monkey and other slingshot screaming toys off Amazon have small circuit boards, loud speakers and easy to get into electronics.

Mikeasaurus bought this one, it got annoying fast in an office environment so it's electronics had to go.

Carefully slit along one of the seams, remove the noise maker and then sew it back up. You now have a super stealth monkey AND a noise maker.

Step 3: Modify the electronics

Picture of Modify the electronics
Now, for the toy I'm modifying at least, the electronics comes in a rather handy enclosure.

I decided to keep the enclosure and just remove the component that triggers it when the monkey hits something. It's simply a spring in a metal shield. When the monkey hits something, the spring carries on moving and completes the circuit by touching the metal shield around it.

Remove these components and replace each with a wire.

Drill a hole in the enclosure, thread these wires out and then close it back up again. When the two wires are touched together, the screaming will be triggered.
rtaal7 months ago

Hey nice project! would you have an idea on how to change the monkey sound that it makes?

vishalapr2 years ago
I have sooo got to try this out, Its hilarious!
3rdwiki3 years ago

Hi there,

Hasn't anyone thought of the idea of having some Western-Scotland style music as a play song ??? THAT way you banshee's and a gaelic pub-orchestra living in your bin !
Haha good job! The idea for a birthday card could b cute too but might tear apart easy in the trash. Could record your own " greeting" tho
Qtirpak3 years ago
You can also use the sound chip from a singing birthday card! Very Nice.
wolf9963 years ago
iceng3 years ago
Good one :-)
canucksgirl3 years ago
That's awesome! Thanks for sharing. ;)