Picture of Screaming switch plate
Hi people!
Today I was looking at my old switch plate and I decided to do a little project with it.
It's a screaming switch plate as you can see :)
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Step 1: First step, the teeth!

Picture of First step, the teeth!
First of all, you will need some clay, or polymer clay to sculpt some teeth.
You can do as many as you want, I made 6 of them for each side of the mouth.
Next, you have to bake them in the oven with the propre time depending on the material you're using.

Step 2: Second step, the gum!

Picture of Second step, the gum!
After you got your harden teeth, place a small amount of clay on the top of the switch plate to create the gum.
Then, place your teeth into it, and make it look like real gum, like if their bases were burried inside the gum.

Step 3: Third step, repeat step 2 but for the other side

Picture of Third step, repeat step 2 but for the other side
Third step, repeat step 2 but for the other side now

Step 4: Fourth step, the lips

Picture of Fourth step, the lips
With some clay, add lips to that mouth.
When it's done, add some skin for the cheek. 

Now you have to bake it if you're using polymer clay, or let it dry if it's air-dry clay.
Thanks to  Void Schism to let me know this step was missing :)

Step 5: PAINT IT!

Picture of PAINT IT!
Next step is to paint it. 
Be creative! you can make it look gross like a zombie or like a normal human too.
If somebody do that project and wanna try a different look than mine, let me know by posting the link of your project picture in the comments please :D

Step 6: Almost done!

Picture of Almost done!
An unnecessary step you can do, is to add some liquid latex to the skin parts, and some crystal clear acrylic to the teeth and gum.

Step 7: It's done!

Picture of It's done!
And voila!
Now you've your own screaming switch plate!

*Bonus* you can add a tongue over the switch :)
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I love this! If I have time this year, I will definitely try it.
xdanny1992x (author)  Spyridoula Nemesis9 months ago

did you finally had time to make your own?

Sadly, no. We ended up selling our old house and buying a new one this year. It's been insane, but this one is on my list!

awes0me ha...

xdanny1992x (author)  divya.sankhla.949 months ago
haha thanks!
sur1c4t49 months ago


xdanny1992x (author)  sur1c4t49 months ago
Thanks! ?
eruger9 months ago


Another good material is Magic-Sculpt, a 2-part water-based epoxy clay that gives you 2hrs work time, has great adhesion, and is very, very tough. Fairly cheap too.

xdanny1992x (author)  eruger9 months ago
Only two hours work time :O
For a simple project like this one it would be perfect, but for my other sculptures, I wouldn't have enough time.
I'll take a look at this material :P thanks
Exactly. It's mostly for quick stuff. Or for things you want to have very fine or mechanical surface, since you can work it with cutting and abrasion tools after it's fully set, and will take a fair polish. I used it to sculpt teeth originals for a mold to cast Instacast, for example, and since the original was smooth, I barely had to do any cleanup or finishing on the castings at all. It's also useful for highly detailed textures, since you can build it up in layers, much like Sculpey. I've made some excellent texturing tools by sculpting in layers in negative, so I was making the tool directly rather than having to make a reverse casting. It's durable enough to use as a positive form over which to hammer forge copper and brass sheet metal too.
lindarose929 months ago

So cool!! :D

xdanny1992x (author)  lindarose929 months ago

thanks for your comment :D it's truly appreciated

Tater Zoid9 months ago


xdanny1992x (author)  Tater Zoid9 months ago

Thanks a lot :D

shazni9 months ago

Does the clay automatically stick to the plate or do you have to use glue?

Btw....this looks awsome!

xdanny1992x (author)  shazni9 months ago

Hum... To be honest, I made this project like two years ago, so I don't totally remember, but I think it will stick to the plate on it's own. But, it was not normal clay, it was Sculpey, which is a different type of material, and it sticks better to surfaces.

If you do that project and it dont stick, I think that super strong glue could work pretty well.

Oh and, one last thing, if you make your own version, dont forget to post pictures of it, please :D

Caedon9 months ago
Reminds me of Santa Cruz's screaming hand (Santa Cruz is a skateboarding brand
xdanny1992x (author)  Caedon9 months ago

ahah nice, i just watched the logo, and yeah it has similarities :P

Pure Carbon9 months ago

Cool, but creepy.

xdanny1992x (author)  Pure Carbon9 months ago
heyheyy thanks :P
eeVee9 months ago
sooo creepy!!! Great work
xdanny1992x (author)  eeVee9 months ago
ecsaul232 years ago
I love the texture on the tongue! the tongue really pulls it all together. good job!
xdanny1992x (author)  ecsaul232 years ago
Thanks ;) i appreciate that kind of comment that tell me the good points of my project :)
my pleasure! its good to know that people look at it and that they like like what they see. makes it worth it :)
tinatrena2 years ago
that's awesome!
xdanny1992x (author)  tinatrena2 years ago
Hey! Thanks
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
xdanny1992x (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
OMG! Am I really part of the finalists??
Ohh yeahh :)
I hope i will win :-D at least the third place, plzz plzzz
licenseless2 years ago
so did you have to wrap the switch with anything when sculpting the tongue... or did the sculpey come right off ... or did you glue it on later. how well does it hold up if you didnt glue it?

oh and the only reason i am asking these questions is ... YOU ARE A GENIOUS... and i am going to make one of my own hahahahaha dont know what i want to make yet... but images will come soon!!!
xdanny1992x (author)  licenseless2 years ago
Basically, there wasn't supposed to have a tongue over the switch, so it's the main reason why I haven't wrote the instructions. So, the way I did it (cuz' I suppose there are a lot of ways to achienve one like this), is that I sculpted the basic shape of the tongue with sculpey, then I pushed it over the switch, to cast his shape at the base. Then I removed the soft tongue from the switch, and add details to it. After, I baked it, painted it. I could have glued it over the switch, but I'm in residence so the switch isn't mine, I had to find another way. I put some liquid latex in the tongue hole, and place it over the switch. This way, when the liquid latex dried, the tongue doesn't fall, and when I will leave the residence, I'll just have to pull it a little bit, and remove the latex stucked on the switch.

*** Sorry if it's not clear, I'm french so I "try" to make it understandable***

Sure! if you make one I wanna see it!! :)
poofrabbit2 years ago
Oh this is cool! Nice job!
xdanny1992x (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
thanks :)
bricobart2 years ago
Good job!!! I'm sure it would be so crazy to make a more adult version also, with a, well, you know. UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN! Just kidding!!!!!!!
xdanny1992x (author)  bricobart2 years ago
Hahah xD sure!
Lowriderpr2 years ago
Nice job!
xdanny1992x (author)  Lowriderpr2 years ago
Thanks ^^
drwebster2 years ago
sooo inventive,fantastic job,love it
xdanny1992x (author)  drwebster2 years ago
Thanks a lot ^^
ChrysN2 years ago
Having the tongue as a switch, that made me laugh. Great job sculpting.
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