Introduction: Screen Record a Mac

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Things You Need:

a mac

a valid internet connection

Step 1: Quick Time Player

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Open Launchpad. Click on other. Click QuickTimePlayer

Step 2: File Menu

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Go to the file menu. click on new screen recording.

Step 3: Options,Options,Options: What to Choose

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Now, you need good audio. DO NOT USE A INTERNAL MICROPHONE. I MUST REPEAT DO NOT USE A INTERNAL MICROPHONE. Instead use the one that comes with a iPhone or buy a external microphone.


MarySoto (author)2017-09-25

Yup, using QuickTime is the most convenient way to record streaming video on Mac since you are not required to install any programs. Besides, you can also use this free Acethinker Online Screen Recorder, I think it works better and features more than QuickTime, and it does not require any installation.

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