Introduction: Screen Printing Table

Found plans for this table... Change a couple of measurements to fit my style, spent about $45 on material... Works and looks great definitely recommend!!!

Step 1: DIY Screen Printing Table

Search for these plans here or on Google... For exact measurements...

Step 2: Measurement...

Everything crossed out in red you will not need, the Blue pointing at the letter (N) will determine the height of the table...

Step 3: Materials...

My materials were purchase and cut at Home Depot. Running me about $32. The 3 inch and 2 inch wood screws that I needed, I already owned. So I'm estimating around $40. to $45. In materials...
Depending on your Home Depot the cuts will be free or $1. to $2. per cut.
Mine were free. Little tip don't ask what they charge per cut... If they do charge they will tell you. Good luck...

Step 4: Assembly...

Assembly is fairly easy. You can do it yourself but in certain cases you may need a helping hand. My assembly was completed in an a hour and a half.
With the help of my fiance. My table does not look exactly like the diagram due to the measurement changes that I have made. Not only in the heights but in the with as well to fit my exposure unit under the table...

Step 5: Printing Press...

My printing press was purchased several years ago. And it can be used on any surface. But I love the way the table makes it look more professional. And with the extended wood on the bottom, I don't need to worry about pushing down on the press too hard. My press was purchased from
It is a
4 Color 1 Station Table Top Screen Printing Silver Press... I'm not sure this particular press is still available I think it only comes in 4 color 2 station
Tabletop now... Which is an upgraded model from what I own... With many available a upgrades.

Step 6: My Finishing Project...

Like I said it looks more professional,
Afordable and very easy to assemble. I definitely recommend anyone looking to do this project to go ahead and do it. I'll try to post more photos of my exposure unit underneath the table and I am also looking to paint the wood during the summer... Good luck with your screen printing business and your project.

Remember the most important thing never give up!


MalikH23 made it! (author)2016-11-27

Came out good. Use the 2.5" if you are only building the table. There is some video of the table here ->

HowToPrintStuff made it! (author)2016-09-25

great fun!

2012-04-15 14.46.59.jpg2012-04-16 19.37.17.jpg2012-04-18 18.44.25.jpg2012-04-18 18.59.46.jpg2012-04-18 19.37.45.jpg2012-04-21 19.01.59.jpg2012-04-21 19.24.30.jpg2012-04-21 19.24.54.jpg2012-04-24 20.10.48.jpgPress-2.jpgPress-4.jpgPress-10.jpgPress-13.jpgPress-14.jpg
GordonDesignsNC made it! (author)2014-02-16

next3477 made it! (author)2014-01-24

Looks great. Can't wait to try...

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