Powerful Shocking Device





Introduction: Powerful Shocking Device

this tutorial show you how make a powerful Leyden Jar which take the static electricity of your computer screen or tv and tranform it into a powerful shocking device.It s cool just to watch.

-plastic container
- 2 copper wire 8 inch long
- 3 foil of aluminum
-plastic lid
-round nut
-scotch tape

Step 1: Inside Part

Cut a rectangular piece of foil large enough to line the cannister.place inside the cannister.Try and keep edges of foil smooth and straight, or they will "leak" charge. Make a bottom too.On this bottom, stick a 8 inch wire.put this bottom into the canister.

Step 2: Outside Part

Now cover the outside of the cannister.Again, avoid rough edges, and make sure the foil doesn't get in the way of the lid.Cut a second piece of wire about 4-5cm long and strip both ends.
Tape one end to the foil on the outside, so that the other end can be easily curved around to meet the other wire .

Step 3: Interceptor

now take a few cue tips (static interceptor) and place in a star shape.Make sure it touch the wire !
And place a round nut just on top.(Make sure it touch the wire too)

Step 4: How It Works

Let your leyden jart beside your screen for 5 -10 minutes The electrical static charge will be transfered, positive and negative charges accumulate from the two metal coatings respectively, but they are unable to discharge due to the glass between them. The result is that the charges will hold each other in equilibrium until a discharge path is provided. Leyden jars were first used to store electricity in experiments, and later as a condenser in early wireless equipment.

have fun but be careful it' s not a toy .



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    will a medesin can work

    dune that seen this guna do this to

    I might make one with like a film can or something. would it work? This is a really cool design.

    It would PHYSICALLY work, but I do not believe you would see the discharge, as you need the size of the can to absorb the energy

    it makes a 3mm spark with a film canister

    actually, I made a jar from a film can, and I definetly saw the discharge. it was smaller, but you could definetly see it. also, I was gathering electricity from a tv that I got from my grandma, so it's static is huge. it was jumping between the walls of the jar because it gathered so much.

    use a plastic peanut butter jar those work good, but be careful they can store a lot of power

    so the qtips gather static electricity? I made kitemans Leydon jar, but the only way to charge it was to rub it against the tv screen.

    Where do i connect the outside wire. (the negative I think)

    I connected mine to the outside towards the bottom, just make sure youfan out the wire a little it seemed to work better that way.