this tutorial show you how make a powerful Leyden Jar which take the static electricity of your computer screen or tv and tranform it into a powerful shocking device.It s cool just to watch.

-plastic container
- 2 copper wire 8 inch long
- 3 foil of aluminum
-plastic lid
-round nut
-scotch tape

Step 1: inside part

Cut a rectangular piece of foil large enough to line the cannister.place inside the cannister.Try and keep edges of foil smooth and straight, or they will "leak" charge. Make a bottom too.On this bottom, stick a 8 inch wire.put this bottom into the canister.
will a medesin can work
dune that seen this guna do this to
I might make one with like a film can or something. would it work? This is a really cool design.
It would PHYSICALLY work, but I do not believe you would see the discharge, as you need the size of the can to absorb the energy
it makes a 3mm spark with a film canister
actually, I made a jar from a film can, and I definetly saw the discharge. it was smaller, but you could definetly see it. also, I was gathering electricity from a tv that I got from my grandma, so it's static is huge. it was jumping between the walls of the jar because it gathered so much.
use a plastic peanut butter jar those work good, but be careful they can store a lot of power
so the qtips gather static electricity? I made kitemans Leydon jar, but the only way to charge it was to rub it against the tv screen.
Where do i connect the outside wire. (the negative I think)
I connected mine to the outside towards the bottom, just make sure youfan out the wire a little it seemed to work better that way.
This was a great project I used a peanut butter jar. Can I tape down theq-tips to keep them from falling off or will that interfere withabsorbing the static? I placed it in front of an old tv and it tookawhile before gaining any charge. I'm going to try an old monitor I havethis weekend. Thanks
Mine is not working. Do you have a trouble shooting or some thing. I need help. Awesome instructable by the way.
will a glass jar work
Yes, because it is an insulator, but plastic is better
if you put al foil on the tv screen it will charge easier no running around trying to gather all the static.
will glass work
Any insulating material will work. (Paper and aluminum foil would work as well)
Does it have to be a lugnut or can you juse use a regular nut, like the normal hexagon shaped nuts? Or could you just loop the wire on the end...
It could be either, but a lugnut is supposed to work better.
i am making one for my school science fair and i was wondering if i can just put a screw in the cap and connect the wire to it
if you cannot find a round nut, is it possible to glue or solder a ball bearing to an average nut?
you might be able to solder it, just set it on your stove, gas works best) heat it and touch solder to it, it should melt and fuse the metal or you can just press the ball bearing against the nut (firmly) and hot glue it together
how can u tell when its fully charged
um, you can't just let it charge or 2-3 minutes
does it need to be a CRT monitor or would a LCD work aswell?
crt, lcd does not use high voltage maybe50v but not 10,000v+
A CRT shoots electrons to different parts of the screen where it is converted into light fast. The electrons that are not converted cause a negative charge on the screen. When you put this device up to the screen, the electrons are inducted onto the outside foil. This causes an indifference between the inside and out, so when you touch the wire, it is neutralized.
i know how tvs work, i was just saying that an LCD wouldn't wok with this..
Then it was more of an explanation for NZsquigg about why it happens with a crt.
Cool !!!
could this be charged with the DIY capacitor found on this site??? And how?
no, you need indirect (static) electricity for this to work
The music on that video left alot to be desired...
I LIKED the music!
is there anyway to discharge it without touching it and shocking yourself? is this a minor static shock like the kind that you get from rubbing your feet on a rug?
it's not minor at all (actually, it's quite huge) if you connect the wire on the outside with the nut on top it discharges
mine doesn't work. how can I fix it.
Wouldn't this capture more electricity if the Q-tips were soaked in a saline solution or other electrolyte?
great job! I'm gonna make it
Awesome! I wish I could do this. Actually, you know what? I just might. Nice job!
take care .My thumb is now black.Make smaller if you dont lost your thumb.
lol i'll try not to lost my thumb
Why didnt you move the one electrode wire out farther? it would have generated a MUCH bigger spark and it would have been alot more amuzing
O MAN! That music was horrid! Good instructable anyways!
q-tips are for?????
its my modification.Its for capting more static electricy . After many try the cue tips works great.Without make long time to charge the jar.
Very nicely done.

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