Picture of Screensaver Shortcut using Batch
Ever doing something 'private' on the computer? Ever had to close what you were doing really quickly so that no one saw and loose that unsaved data?

Well look no further! These short steps will show you how to make a batch file that opens up a screensaver of your choice in a matter of seconds!

NB: I know this works on Vista cause I do it myself, but I'm not sure if it does it on anything earlier. If someone would try it and let me know, that would be great!

Well lets get started!
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Step 1: A screensaver he says! I'd like to see him do this!

Picture of A screensaver he says! I'd like to see him do this!
First you have to open notepad and type the following:

@echo off
START C:\Windows\System32\variable.scr /MAX

This will simply open the screensaver at the source file. All the screensaver files (amongst 100s of others) are stored in the folder: C:\Windows\System32. You may also find some familiar faces in there (namely command prompt and notepad).

The variables are as follows:

I think these ones are on most vista computers:
aurora - This one sports a kind of aurora borealus look
bubbles - Pretty useless for a screensaver to hide stuff, it shows your working screen with bubbles floating around it.
mystify - This shows many waves flying in various directions.
ribbons - This shows many ribbons flying in various directions.
ssText3d - I'm not sure what the default is on this one but it displays some rotating 3D text.

These ones are on my computer but I'm not sure if there on all of them:
ssBranded - Displays the pulsing Windows Logo
acer - Displays the ACER logo
PhotoScreensaver - Displays a slideshow of your pictures, I think the default folder is "My Pictures"

Again, these work for Vista and on my computer, your best bet is to find the folder and see what options you have.

Step 2: System 32 eh? Sounds quite... sinister...

Picture of System 32 eh? Sounds quite... sinister...
Now go File --> Save

Make sure the "Save as type" box selects "All Files" and that you type ".bat" at the end. This ensures you save it as a batch file.

P.S. Screenshots are tedious so I used one from an old Instructable, hope you don't mind!
For photos, it's "ssmypics.scr /MAX" on my computer.
batman966 years ago
MUCH EASIER WAY goto c: drive then windows file then system 32 file then find the icon that looks like a monitor that says something like the screen saver you wand example ssmystiphy.
theknight (author)  batman966 years ago
True, you could do that, the only problem with that is that it takes time. I now have a shortcut that does this for me so it takes less than a second for it to load. Batch is all about making life easier and more erganomic! (incorrect spelling for 'erganomic'?)
It did not work on my computer
Padlock6 years ago
This should work on previous versions of windows, although it wouldn't be the same names for the screensaver. I do not know myself, but I can not think of any reason why it would not.