Do you have extra screws laying around your shop?

Would you like to have a very stylish bowl to impress your friends/family at parties or other social gatherings?

Are you bored?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this Instructable is for you.  Watch the video on Step 2 or read the more in-depth written instructions that follow it and you will soon know how to create your very own artistic bowl made from screws.  Show off your bowl at any get-together or just stare at it and bask in your own creative brilliance. 

Step 1: Supplies

The following supplies are necessary to make the Screw Bowl, although, as is always the case with Instructables, feel free to experiment.

  • Lots of Screws  I used 105 screws in my bowl that I had left over from a             building project.  If possible, use two or three (or more) types of screws, this gives the bowl a more interesting look.  I advice using galvanized screws if possible because their rougher texture lends itself to bonding with the glue better than regular screws.
  • Gorilla Super Glue (or hot glue for faster, but slightly less professional, results)
  • A Non-Screw Bowl the same size you wish the Screw Bowl to be
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Optional:  High Gloss, Clear-Coat Spray Finish (if you want the Screw Bowl to be shiny)
  • Optional (but recommended):  Acetone which will soften the Gorilla Super Glue in case you glue any of your body parts together or glue screws to your fingers
What am I doing wrong? I'm using Gorilla Superglue, and it won't stick. I started with a tiny dab- didn't hold. Tried a tiny bit more, then more- no luck. I'm holing the screws in place for a minute- no luck. Can any one help me? I love this bowl and am determined to make it work. Thanks-
Let's say I want to eat cereal..
eat fast?
lol what can it hold?
Keys, wallet, whatever else might be in your pocket. It might be pretty cool for fruit, too.
It appears to be functionally more like a basket than a bowl really.
I'm gonna give this a try, hopefully this weekend.
This is too cool. Definitely got my vote. ^_^
I want to weld one together for a lamp shade
Super idea!! Great!!
When I first saw this, I was totally going to make it.<br>But then I thought &quot;ah, screw it&quot;<br>(feel free to punch me in the face for such a horrible pun.)
I love you....lol.
Presents two by four... *WHACK*
Ouch.<br>Now I'm doesn't know the grammar.
Which glue is stronger, the super or hot?
For this application, I suspect hot glue to be stronger, plus it's not affected by moisture.<br><br>The contact area between two screws stuck together is just a tiny dot, giving the superglue very little bonding area. The contact area for hot glue would be the same, but the molten glue would &quot;wrap-around&quot; the screws at the contact spot, giving a stronger bond. Essentially, fillets are formed at the bonds.<br><br>I would have to agree with the OP that using hot glue would be &quot;less professional&quot;. In my experience, it's hard to dispense just a tiny dot of hot glue and I often have to deal with the wispy, spider web-like strands forming when pulling the gun away from the material.<br><br>
I'd use some five or ten minute epoxy. make just enough to do the bottom, use it, then make enough to do the sides. either that, or use very small amounts of one minute epoxy to do each screw individually.
One way to deal with the wispies is to blow on them with hot air from a heat gun or blow dryer. The heat causes them to crinkle up like the legs of the Wicked Witch of the East after you drop a house on her.<br><br>Suzanne on Orting, WA
Plus, the bowl would be a hell of alot more malleable with hot glue than with super glue.
if you get a good bond with super glue it will definitely be stronger plus you won't end up with blobs of glue all over.
In the woodturning world, if it won't hold soup, it's art. So yeah, I guess this qualifies. Well done. <br> <br>
If it will hold fruit, or mail, it becomes a necessary office accessory. I will add this to the end of the mile long list of things I want to make...
Ha ha ha... Someone has a screw loose!
is this dish-washer safe? ^_^
Well, It's iron. It also depends what finish you use.
&quot;SCREWY IDEA&quot; I like that and I like the whole concept. For those worried about the points you could always hit each screw on a grinder (lots of work) or use machine screws, in fact a whole set made from, wood and machine screws, nails and bolts would be real conversation pieces
SCREW THIS!<br><br><br><br>Anyway, that's pretty neat! I think it wouldn't hurt to put some felt on the bottom-most protrusions to keep your table safe, but otherwise a pretty... screwy... idea.
I'm thinking awesome light fixture. Maybe even a sconce?
nice idea, looks cool
cool.. <br>but im concerned with the sharp edges. probably someone has an idea on how to eliminate that.
A little bit of Sugru, perhaps? :)
Just be careful not to scratch the surfaces it gets set on!
How fragile is it? I mean, could it hold a few items without coming apart?
Can it hold all of my excess air filled baloons? Haha, just kidding. Neat Idea!

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