Goal: To learn how to create a screw driver with interchangeable bits at TechShop.

I am creating this instructable project as I go. 

At TechShop, we could use all levels of AutoDesk Product Suite.  I will be using AutoDesk Inventor Professional 2013.   I would print my prototype using Maker Bot Replicator 2 - 3D Prototype Printer. I would scale and rescale this prototype till I get the a  working prototype with optimum dimensions.

I still don't know all that I need to get this project get done.  But I have no fear to venture to the unknown areas outside my current expertise.  TechShop staff and other members are always willing to help me out when I get stuck.

Join me in my journey and let's have some fun.

Step 1: Prepare the Screw Driver Body and Hex Socket

I searched Google for "Screw Driver stl".  A lot of  related CADs were found.  But I did not find exactly what I wanted.
I signed up for a free account at GrabCAD and downloaded a part that I need to get me started.

I figured that it is best that I start with this screw bit model because it already has a Philip tip. And the hex shape already included. 

I was not concerned about the final dimension since I knowing that I could rescale my parameterized my CAD easily to optimize my design my final stage of development.  AutoDesk Constraint function also would synchronize to make a fully scalable designed part.   I hope to learn a lot of CAD work through making a usable part.

In AutoDesk Inventor, I clicked file open and selected the file type to import.  GrabCAD used .SLDPRT and .STEP.  Either format could be imported to AutoDesk Inventor.  Thank you to GrabCAD and contributor AHTAHAC for the original CAD. (see picture).

Next step is to save this original CAD as my 1st piece. 

To make my screw driver body, I created a cylinder for the screw driver body.  I created a 2nd sketch and picture the same surface to create the head extrusion to the the screw driver bit.  

To make the screw driver handle, I created another 2D sketch, select the reference plane.(perpendicular to the end surfaces.
Create the cross section shown in next picture.  Revolve this section around the center axis.  

To the experts, one could see a problem with this approach. With your indulgence, let me continue on this path for now.  I have my doubt but I choose to find out what will happen.   The resulting CAD is shown in next picture.

I saved my CAD model first.  Then I exported using CAD Drawing and selected .STL file format.  I put the .STL file to a thumb drive and brought it over to the Maker Bot Replicator 2 - 3D Prototype Printer.   I opened the Maker Bot application and drag and drop the .STL file.   I use the longest axis and scale the part on Maker Bot.  I then rotated so that handle is resting on the platform.  Then, I select Make It!    I add support option since the part is so tall and could become unstable during printing.

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