Screw Helper





Introduction: Screw Helper

This is a little cool invention I came up with that I would like to share with you .....for the preparation of your DIY full summer months I think this may help you :)

Step 1: Ingredients

All what you need is a beltgrinder and some screws (for a project that you have planned)

Step 2: Ooohh Sparkle :)

Like a pencil sharpen the end of the screw so it becomes a point

Step 3: Wow Quick

Then literally you are done if you do a lot you can then use them to make a cool storage hanger for your gardening tools :) comment what I should do next :) Vote, like and follow



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I think that it is not a good idea. Maybe it could be better if you grind only a side of the end of the screw, in order to have a cutting edge.

Anyway, I never put a screw without previously do a convenient hole.

Omg great idea :) hehehehe

thanks jimwells never heard of that but good idea

Less work. Scrape the threads across a bar of soap. It lubricates the screw as it enters. The screwing action squeezes out most of the soap, so the screw stays. Also, the lanolin in the soap helps the wood be preserved.