Screw Impression Painting





Introduction: Screw Impression Painting

It is one of the innovative ways of impression painting wherein you get the . In this technique we will be using the rear end of a screw to give half-moon impressions. The process is really simple but the fun is no less. It is an interesting weekend activity for kids.

Time to screw up things.

Skill : Begineer

Materials Required :

  • Flat / single slot screws
  • Color Mixing plate
  • Water Color
  • Paint Brush

Step 1: Choosing Screw

Take a screw. The choice of screw is important. It is preferable to have a screw with long length so as to assist in holding. I also tried with Phillips screw (screw head with four cuts) but impressions were not proper.

Step 2: Mixing Colour

Use brush to color the head of the screw. Have a visual inspection to make sure that the screw head is properly coated with colour. The water content in the colour should be minimal.

Step 3: Getting Impressions

Now put the screw on the drawing sheet and press hold for 5 secs.

Repeat the above steps to fill the required shape.

In case you need to change color, it is preferred to use a new screw.



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    This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing, I love the finished product!