Screw Storage/transport With Packing Tape





Introduction: Screw Storage/transport With Packing Tape

Here's an easy and effective way to manage screws, washers, and other small parts that you need to transport or want to store with the hardware that they belong to.  I find it most useful when I'm removing usable parts from broken computer hardware.

Step 1: The Problem

So here I am in the office.  I've removed the parts I wanted from a broken PSU, but the screws and washers are going to be hard to transport home without a container.  I could use a small sandwich bag or a box, but usually I don't have those handy.  So I'll use packing tape.

Step 2: Prepare the Tape Strip

Grab your packing tape roll and pull off an appropriately-sized strip.  For this example, I used roughly a 3" long strip.

Now fold the top and bottom edges over on themselves so that you have tabs.  These will be used later to open your bag when you're ready to remove your screws.  See the picture, below.

Step 3: Add Screws

Add your small parts to the middle of the tape strip, leaving a border all around, as shown below.

Step 4: Wrap It Up

Now fold the tape in on itself so that the top and bottom tabs meet.  See the first image, below.

Press the sides together to seal the small parts inside.  See the remaining images.

Step 5: Finished

You can now transport your little bag without losing the contents.

To open the bag, just pull the tabs apart.



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 Excellent offering to all of us.  I suggest a small edit to your instructable, giving greater emphasis to the beauty of the pull tabs in the intro and step two. perhaps a highlight box or an arrow or even a mention in the intro.  I saw the strange edges of the package but had to search for the brief line that described making the pull tabs.

Bravo!   Elegant!  Simple!  Solves the problem.  But, if I may, I would suggest that you add one final step to your Instructable:

(new step):  Using an additional piece of package tape, TAPE the little bag of parts to the piece of equipment they belong to.  Now when you pick up that piece of equipment, all the small parts you need will be right there!

Thanks for sharing your method with us in the Instructables community.

It's a good idea... everybody already had. No ?



Nice! Thats a great idea, thank you! :D

Hmmm not a bad idea at all! I have the added problem that I have huge hands and struggle with 'restrictive packaging', so I have a collection of small magnets from speakers, fridge door strip etc and chuck one in a plastic bag to store screws etc in. They don't drop on the floor this way! The magnets are also a great way to pick up a screw that falls into the appliance yr working on!

Thanks for sharing, I got the same idea a couple years ago :)

So simple!  I can never find the 'little bits' when I resume a ham radio project after getting distracted for a while (like a couple of weeks!)

Now how about a gadget to stop the packing tape deciding to tear itself diagonally when you are unrolling it??!!

 Great idea! I've been using tape for ages for this purpose but never made such nice neat packets! They can be labeled and stored like this for future use. Several can be stapled together. Love it!