Step 6: Handle

You need a handle for your screwdriver so you can grip it tightly enough to be able to turn it.

I just wrapped the top in duct tape for my first one. For the second, I went a little fancier, and baked on a sculpey handle.

I bet you can come up with all kinds of cool handles for this-maybe a rope handle, a squishy gel handle, and ergonomic handle, etc. Customize your very own triangle screwdriver!

To use it, just insert it into the triangle screw hole, and twist as you would any screwdriver. Remember, righty tighty, lefty loosy. Revel in the fact that you now possess the ability to open ANY small toy closed with those Chinese triangle screws! Hahaha! Sing and skip about! Laugh manically! Begin diabolical plans to RULE THE WORLD!

Or at least open small toys from McDonalds.