Scrimshaw Daisy on Cutaway Rhea Egg Shell





Introduction: Scrimshaw Daisy on Cutaway Rhea Egg Shell

I have always been impessed with scrimshaw as an artform. We can see examples that are hundreds of years old and fantastic pieces made currently. It is an enduring part of humanity that crosses many nationalities and eras. I have rendered a daisy on the side of a Rhea egg shell and then removed as much as possible of the remaining shell so the daisy is the primary image. The overall thought I had when designing this would be a daisy against a fence or leaded window.

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    You'ra an Artist, that's all I can say, keep up the Good work!

    Very nice I just got my engraver from Profitable Hobbies and I hope to start trying some eggs. It is nice to see someone else's work done with the same equipment that I got. as I said very nice work

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     good luck. it's addicting

    Really great, you're very talented. what tools do you use and where do you get them and the eggs. I'd like to try my hand at it.

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    My tools come from Profitable Hobbies. You can find them at If you call them ask for Carole. She has a wealth of knowledge she is willing to share. I get eggs from there as well. Eggs can also be purchased from many members of the International Egg Art Guild. I have also purchased eggs in bulk from Good Luck in your future endeavors in egg art. Brian

    And of course, no matrix can exist without a flower to grace its support. And to boot, if everyone knew that you are keeping a powerful secret...? I love them all Brian. Keep it going, but then I know you will. You are a hopelessly hooked Paraholic...

    Way to go Brian. You gots my vote. Good luck in Viejas. Norm (I don't know Jack)

    This is delicate work even in denser mediums, great work.

    ever thought about doing gun carvings? who's Jack?

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    Yes, I have thought of doing gunstocks. I don't know about the metal work. I would have to find some metal that is the same hardness as the gun itself and practice for a while. I have done a few pieces of wood, Welsh lovespoons business card holders and projects like that. I plan to design a gunstock and carve it this winter to see how I can do with that kind of medium. Thanks again far looking. Jack is nobody I know.

    Wow, that's incredible. How long does it take you to make something like this?

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    Thank you for your nice comment. I don't know exactly how long because I don't keep track. My best guess would be 25-30 hours.