The goal of this was to remove the "wheel" which locks the trigger. After I bought this, I found unlocking this trigger took some practice and I didn't like the way it made using the lighter so difficult. Of course your situation may be different. We have no children on the premises so I didn't mind leaving this trigger interlocking device off.

My disassembly instructions are brief and in some ways redundant to the more detailed step-by-step Scripto Lighter breakdown  posted by an earlier writer at: https://www.instructables.com/id/Scripto-Lighter-Teardown/

As this is my first DIY instructable I wanted to practice photographing a project that had small pieces and using a SmartPhone camera. The phone is a T-Mobile Huawei called MyTouch. The Smartphone's camera is helped by viewing the small objects through a handheld strong magnifying glass. No flash was used. All photographs were done with the morning sunlight pouring through a window.

Step 1:

First, remove the small Philip's screw with a Jeweler's screwdriver, which comes in sets from places like Radio Shack. There is only this one screw.
<p>Thank you so much. We need the lighter for the stove on our boat. My <br> wife has a little arthritis and could not use the lighter. I am going <br>to pick up a few more of these, now that I can remove the wheel for my <br>wife.</p>
<p>FlagPole, You're welcome.</p><p>Another use for the lighter. <br></p><p>After the butane fluid is <br>used up, the lighter spark generated is very handy for lighting my <br>propane torch or natural gas kitchen stoves. The kitchen stove is a <br>pre-1960 stove designed with a constantly burning gas pilot light. The <br>pilot light we shut off. We light the top burners when cooking with the <br>spark of this lighter, no flame just the spark. This is <br> not as instantaneous as when the pilot light was left on. There is a <br>delay as the gas has to flow and mix with the oxygen and might be as <br>slow as 8 seconds after turning the knob. </p><p>Sometimes you'll have <br>to shut it off and start again. When a pot is on the stove covering the <br>burner area, it seems to light more quickly. We learned of lighting <br>stoves with the piezo electric spark from these lighters while living in <br> an apartment in Paris, France in the 1980s. </p><p>But it doesn't work for lighting the oven nor the broiler. We keep the pilot on for that.</p>
<p>A correction about my comment that lighting the kitchen stove with the electronic spark from lighter and not the flame from this lighter. I said it can take as long as 8 seconds. That's 8 seconds is sometimes true but it varies from lighting right away to four seconds on the average. </p>
Thanks Ringai. Glad to know I'm not the only one woo dislikes the lock! Iinspecting the design it seems even if that locking wheel were easier to operate, it's placed a bit too far forward, making it awkward for people with smaller hands.
Thanks! Now I know which brand of lighter to get. I hate the thumwheel :-) <br> <br>Your pictures turned out great.

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