Scripto Lighter Teardown





Introduction: Scripto Lighter Teardown

This is my first illustrated tutorial! Please keep in mind _~. This tutorial is simply MY method of taking apart one of those scripto Aim N Flame lighters that you can buy at walmart, for 'just because' or perhaps refilling it?. This one is the Outdoor windproof model, with the filament on the end so that the wind can't blow it out.


Step 1: Removing the Outer Shell

There are 3 pieces to the plastic shell. First, there is a small piece of plastic that holds the other two together. You can find it near the base of the neck, where it connects to the rest of the body. To split this lighter, you will need to remove it. I found it quite easy to do with a little nudge from my flathead and then pulled it clear of the rest of the body.

Step 2: Removing the Outer Shell Pt 2

Next, you will need to remove the screw that holds the two plastic pieces together from the back end. I used a small phillips.

Step 3: Seperating the Outer Shell

Do be careful with this next step! VERY CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY seperate the two halves, keeping a watchful eye out for the SPRING. You don't wanna lose the thing! It has the tendency to fly across the room (first-hand experience speaking here) if you seperate the halves too quickly.

Step 4: Removing the Safety Switch

If you have not removed the spring previously, now is the time to carefully pry it from its resting place on top of the safety switch. To remove the safety switch, I found that it works best to grasp it as shown, turn it slightly clockwise, and then tilt it up and towards yourself.

Step 5: Removing the Fluid Hose

To remove the fluid hose, simply grasp it close to the connector, and give a firm pull.

Step 6: Removing the Fluid Tank

To remove the fluid tank, simply slide it away from the trigger.

Step 7: Done

There you have it, now you can refill it, put it back together, whatever.



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    I may have tired this and it may have been a bit messy and may have worked.

    what kind of fuel is used in scripto lighters?

    GDPK, thanks for the tip on refiling. I never thought of refilling these. We have one at least 7 years (likely older) that we use for lighting an old stove that was designed to be lit by a pilot light which was always burning. We shut off the gas to these pilot lights and have used the spark from a Scripto lighter that ran out of butane long ago. We were in France and learned to use the sparks to light our stove in the apartment. They sold lighters for that purpose. In the USA it happens to come with butane! : )

    Over time a tiny bit of carbonized crud partially filled the gap between the electrode and the outside shell. Poking and scraping knocked off the crud and resulting in a bigger spark.


    To allow easier filling - unscrew the black plastic flame adjusting lever about one full turn to allow less restriction for the fuel to get in - I found unless this lever was opened up almost to the point of leaking, it just didn't fill.

    Place the nozzle of your can of butane over the brass tip of the tank, depress the small white plastic lever that opens the tank's valve and press down on your can of butane to fill. The can of butane must be above lighter tank and inverted to allow liquid butane to transfer. Vary the pressure used to hold tank and butane can together, I found it needed just the right pressure to fill - too little and the butane leaked out, too much and no liquid transfered.

    never touch the sparking part of the lighter it will probaly kill you cos its electric

    no it will absolutly NOT kill you. the jolt dosn't even hurt, it more or less just gets your attention.

    oh my dad said it will

    Get a new dad. That one is a cheapie from the dollar tree.

    why dont you get a new dad eh?

    You guys are hilarious with the dad comments hahaha