Scroll Sander Mod (Basically Free!)


Introduction: Scroll Sander Mod (Basically Free!)

This is a super easy and basically free way to use a cheap pinned scroll saw as a sander for fine work. I had a need to clean up tabs that were left over after cutting out small parts on my CNC. This works extremely well for the time spent making the sander.

The parts needed:

A scroll saw (any old cheap model will work fine)

An old scroll saw blade

Double sided carpet tape


The sandpaper is taped to both sides of the blade. The blade is then just put on the saw.

The video shows the process and results.

Thanks for taking a look!



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    Will try this for sure :) ty

    For detail sanding... quite efficient! Tnx.

    I'm trying a variation of this with hi strength spray adhesive I'm going to cut off the black area I'll repost results after testing


    ... well that beats putting a lollipop stick in a reciprocating saw :)

    Neat! One of those - why didn't I think of that things! - Something i will be trying.