Scroll Wheel (Griffin Powermate Copy)


Introduction: Scroll Wheel (Griffin Powermate Copy)

This is a little teaser of an upcoming iBle of mine. I basically got bored of using my mouse to scroll through blogs that I read daily. I started to look for alternative methods for scrolling, and I mocked this up after brainstorming some ideas.

It's made out of an old PS/2 mouse and a R/C car, along with a project box and some tape.

I have some software installed as well to allow it to control the size of windows, computer volume and screen brightness.

Full iBle is on it's way soon.


The iBle is up -



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    All mods are hack! Hacking is defined by taking something and using it in any way it was not originally intended for!

    o and i kinda took your idea and made it from a keyboard as you now whatsisface

    That's not by any means the same thing, mines done through software. Mind accrediting the source in your instructions if you got your inspiration from this?

    I made it was awsome i put in a ipod case that they come in it turned out great but i sat on it :S -e4g1e

    I'm also with the group that can't wait to see the finished instructable!