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Introduction: Scrolling Display Driver for Linkit One

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I had a few scrolling Led displays from a project at work. I took one home to work on some ideas for what to show on it. The only problem was it was a serial display and I didn't like being tethered to it.

I used a Linkit one to make it bluetooth. So far the best use is to show game scores in Unreal Tournament 2004. Probably not a good use for work though.

I'd like to use the Linkit's SMS capability to override the current message with any SMS message received. My thought is that I would enroll the SMS number in my schools Campus alert system. That way if there's a problem I'll know about it.

That would be a great off campus alert screen. I'd love to see those weather closing messages before I get out of bed.

If I do the same with the Wifi connectivity I may be able to use it on campus too.

Step 1: Legacy Serial Interface

I made a simple serial interface board for the Linkit One. I used a Max232CPE chip and 5 small 1uF capacitors just like the standard test setup in the data sheet.

The code is pretty simple. I have to figure out if the Linkit can do UDP calls then I wont need my computer at all. Right now my Macbook runs UT Query and sends the data up to the screen.

The SMS should be easy but My Sim isn't registered yet. I just got it and have to see if its recognized by the Linkit.

Step 2: Couldn't Have Been Easier

I initially tried setting it up with a Lantronix serial port server. It worked but telnet programming was a little harder to deal with than I wanted. The bluetooth SPP port made it look just like it was plugged in the laptop. All the programs ran without modification.

Step 3: Some Video's of the Displays in My Basement and My Office

I have one in my office to. I can switch it depending on my mood. I have rss feeds from Ted talks, CNN, Educause, and even my sons blog....

I found a program on the web called UT Query. It does the UDP query of a UT2004 server and returns the team scores. That's still my favorite use.



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    Nice project, are you using betabrite signs?

    I did something like this years ago using PHP (and PHP serial class) and a home made serial cable - I have wanted to update my signs for WIFI (ESP8266) and a Arduino controlling them for a long while now. Sooner or later I will get it done.

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    this is what caught my eye.

    shows what you can do with a bare esp8266

    excellent again. Thank you for sharing it. Looks like something that will work, with some changes of course. Very least it tells how to get info from a web API and how to pharse the jason. Maybe I don't need an Arduino to do what I want :-)

    i see the sign on the wall in your lightsaber. a monster compared mine

    BTW, great ibles from you. you're two for two in my book.

    I keep saying thanks! :-) very humbled and thankful that people are enjoying what I have done. That sign is the small one, but it does have 2 lines of text which is nice. I think my other two signs are 3 foot(ish)

    I bought the cheapest no name signs on $98 for a two footer.

    I had a similar idea but saw an instructable here on programming the esp8266 from the Arduino ide. I'll send you the link when I get home. You might be able to do it with just the esp and a line driver

    I've already opened up a sign and found out there's a max232 chip in there. I may bypass that chip and try it myself with only the esp board

    excellent, thank you.
    I'm not sure if mine have the max232 chip in them. I think when I did my research on the cable it was in the cable (or at least a level shift was - I don't think I used the max232 chips) Would have been nice if these were in the sign thou.
    Making these go wireless/wifi has been on my list of things to do for a long while, never seems to be enough time thou.

    I do have mine checking for the Weather, and even weather alerts, they display the date/time, I had twitter posts going to them at one time, that API changed and I never fix it. I get Bitcoin "spot" prices, and some other stuff on them thou.

    I need to get motived to get them running again.

    Thanks again.