Scrolling Text on a 8x8 LED Matrix Using an Arduino UNO




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Introduction: Scrolling Text on a 8x8 LED Matrix Using an Arduino UNO

This instructable will explain how to scroll text on an 8x8 matrix

Step 1: Materials

  • Arduino UNO
  • 1 or more MAX7219 matrix modules
  • 5 wires
  • Solderless breadboard

Step 2: Wiring

  • Connect the 5V on the arduino to VCC on the matrix
  • Connect the GND to the GND
  • Connect input10 to CS
  • Connect input11 to DIN
  • Connect inpot13 to CLK

Step 3: Adding Another Matrix

Connect the VCC,GRD, ect., to create a daisy chain

Step 4: The Code

This is the code and library you'll need to run the matrix.

Step 5: Modifying the Code



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    How do I alter the code so it only runs once after I press a button

    Sir, Iam newbe and today I try to make it by following yoour steps, but my text is running on 4 rows and coloumn. not likes yours which running on 1 row and 4 coloumns. Please help me to solve this case. For the shift direction is correct. need your advice please. Thanks...


    This works great, except the text scrolls bottom to top on an 8x32 display instead of across(32 wide by 8 high) it. Am I doing something wrong? It's like 4 rows of text zipping by from the bottom to the top (top to bottom depending how your holding the display.)

    I can only get this to work with up to 4 matrices no matter what I set #define maxDisplay as. What might I be doing wrong?

    I'm sure I could find a use for something like this as I'm working on a smart home project. Excellent work., thanks for sharing.

    Cool. This would be a good way to setup alerts for a smart house system.

    Great work, especially for a beginer like your self!