Introduction: Scrolling Text on a 8x8 LED Matrix Using an Arduino UNO

This instructable will explain how to scroll text on an 8x8 matrix

Step 1: Materials

  • Arduino UNO
  • 1 or more MAX7219 matrix modules
  • 5 wires
  • Solderless breadboard

Step 2: Wiring

  • Connect the 5V on the arduino to VCC on the matrix
  • Connect the GND to the GND
  • Connect input10 to CS
  • Connect input11 to DIN
  • Connect inpot13 to CLK

Step 3: Adding Another Matrix

Connect the VCC,GRD, ect., to create a daisy chain

Step 4: The Code

This is the code and library you'll need to run the matrix.

Step 5: Modifying the Code


ThirdEarthDesign made it!(author)2017-01-22

I'm sure I could find a use for something like this as I'm working on a smart home project. Excellent work., thanks for sharing.

Surajit+Majumdar made it!(author)2017-01-20

Nice built:)

Syoshida12 made it!(author)2017-01-14

Great work! impressed.

DIY+Hacks+and+How+Tos made it!(author)2017-01-14

Cool. This would be a good way to setup alerts for a smart house system.

braiden15 made it!(author)2017-01-13

Great work, especially for a beginer like your self!