Scrolling Wheel With Steering Wheel.





Introduction: Scrolling Wheel With Steering Wheel.

So... Hi! welcome in my next instructable.I make a scrolling wheel with steering wheel for games, and I decided to share this with you. This informations are not accurate, but you can easily make your own controller.

Step 1: Parts!

I use cardboard for box/ case ald optical mouse and parts from:
-Lego(steering wheel)
-HDD(scroll wheel)
this is actually prototype. Cardboard is enaugh strong for this project and it isn't too heavy.

Step 2: Tracking Wheel

Tracking wheel is main part of steering wheel consists of:
Tracking plate
and casing
When I turn my wheel right the cursor will go to the right side of screen(to use it like controller for games I use a program)

Step 3: Optical Senor.

I had toextend thewiresfrom the scrolling wheel and glue the lens to PCB.

Step 4: Put Everything Together!

I must make box a little bigger  because tracking wheel is bigger than I think.
I glued the optical sensor to tracking wheel and the scroll sensor to the casing.

Step 5: A Little Big Problem.

WhenI putit all togetherandconnectit to computer, I noticedthatthe optical sensoris placednot goodsowhenI turn the wheel rightcursor is going left awwww...I need tomake bigger casing!
I turned180 degreesPCB and every thing it's all right.

Step 6: ThE End!

My project is finished! I can use scroll wheel to:
-resizing the active window
-volume changes
-scroll the pages
-zoom the map in Google Maps
And the steering wheel I use To:
-playing race games

Step 7: The Applications I Use.

I use two applications:
Volumouse (with Window resize plugin)
PPjoy (probably with PPjoymouse inside)
PPjoymouse(I cannot find a download link)

You can find how to use a volumouse there: in whatsisfaceinstructable
And I try to show you how to use a PPjoy and PPmouse:
1. Download and install application
2. Open a "Configure Joysticks"(picture 1 and 2)
3. Add a new Joystick by clicking "Add" and set Parallel port to "Virtual joystick" in new window(pic 2)
3. Click "Add" and "Done"
4. Now open a PPjoymouse and go playing!

Thanks for wathing!
visit my website:
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(5. you can  go to control panel and calibrate your joystick)



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not bad, not bad

very cool,so in this sense you could use this same technique for making a full sized pc steering wheel?

hmmm... Yes, I think bigger casing... bigger wheel... maybe I make bigger version in future...

please do!

easy!... now I must finish this prototype