Picture of Scrumptious Strawberry Smoothie
This smoothie is a refreshing, sweet, healthy treat that tastes good on a hot, summer day!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1) Vanilla yogurt 2) Ice 3) Sugared strawberries or regular strawberries. (Sugared strawberries preferred) 4) Whipped cream 5) Blender

Step 2: What To Do Next?

Picture of What To Do Next?
Put the ice and the strawberries into the blender, then blend together. Do until smoothie looks smooth.

Step 3: Finally

Picture of Finally
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Add the yogurt and blend until it looks light pink. When done poor into cups, add whipped cream and enjoy!
Emmy_cat (author) 1 year ago
Me and my mom made one Yesterday!!!:)
Yummy, me and my mom just made one! Lol
That looks really good. Nice job!