Sculpey Headphone Cord Organizer

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Introduction: Sculpey Headphone Cord Organizer

Organize your headphone cords with this simple sculpey solution

Step 1:


-premo sculpey  clay
-glass tray (one that you won't eat off of afterward)  or cookie sheet covered in aluminum foil

Step 2:

-Roll out the sculpey clay into a worm shape about 1/4 inch thick.
-Place on baking tray. 
-Connect the ends to make an oval shape.
-Pinch in the center to create the shape above.

To bake:

-Set oven to 275 degrees fahrenheit 
-Bake for 30 minutes per 1/4 inch
(check the baking instructions on your pack of clay)

Bake for 30 minutes

Step 3:



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I like the number of people that take the time to tell you how your idea won't work without asking you how well it did for you or trying it on their own. Then there are the people that come on and try to say they have a better idea yet don't take the time to make an instructable, also nice. Anyway rant aside I like your idea. It looks like it could work and is cheap enough to give it a shot, well done.

i have another great way to stop your headpones from getting tangled. get some hama beads and cut them in half with nail scissors. snao them onto the headphone cord and continue this process until the entire headphone length is covered. the good thing about this is that you can choose the colours and colour patterns.

i think everyone's said this and i agree..i don't think super sculpey is the best material for this seems like it would be likely to crack unless you took great care of it

also..I'm thinking maybe Sugru with an armateur wire at its core would work great

I tried this using LEGO tires and super glue... I have nothing better to work with.

Wow this is such a great idea for all my leftover sculpey clay! So much better then going out and buying one!

also, to make the finished piece sturdier I learned to put it in ice water for a minute or so immediately after removing it from the oven. :D

Good idea, similar to what I've been using for quite some time..... a rubber O-ring of about 50 mm in diameter and 2 mm thick.

Pretty awesome... I used to make all sorts of stuff from this clay, As far as i can remember, it doesnt give off any fumes, I used ot use our toaster oven and it was the one we made our food in I think youll be fine but, if you have an old toaster oven you can use, use it, its alot faster and less $$$ than heating up the big oven for a small item like this. You can also use the small oven to cure powder coated parts, as long as they are small enough to hang in it that is! lol But THAT WILL destroy your wife's new oven for sure!! lol

another thought, when it comes out of the toaster it may still be a bit flexible so try not to handle it untill its cooled off some so as not to mess it up