Sculpey is one of the many brands of polymer clay on the market.  It's one I happen to like, but that may simply due to the fact in my small rural community I can access it pretty easily.

This instructable will walk you through creating your own Mr. Spock, which can be used, after you create it, as a magnet, random desk item, or a Spock for your pocket.  (You know you always wanted a Spock in your pocket!)

As Kiteman said Spock + pocket = Spocket

Everyone needs a Spocket!!

Let's get started

Step 1: Materials Needed

Sculpey (or another Polymer Clay)
Tooth pick
Paper Clips


Small amount of masking tape
My instructable on fixing hard sculpey HERE
<p>Loveeeeeee!! :)</p>
love it
Thank you! :)
live long and prosper <br>
I like your Spock!
I love it! <br>I would recommend Bake &amp; Bend Sculpey, giving the figure some posability and a better transporter (=pocket) endurance.
What a fantastic idea!!
Sorry - can't think of any cute &quot;spockism.&quot; But he is adorable &hearts;
Hey I think spockism is pretty cute ;-)
Cool, he looks great.
Spock + pocket = Spocket.
Oh Kiteman where were you when I was writing this! That's awesome! :)
Hehe, there's an &quot;edit&quot; button, you know...
HA! Good point, off to edit ;-)

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