Sculpey Sculpture- Modern Dancer



Introduction: Sculpey Sculpture- Modern Dancer

I usually forget to take photos... so it's Videos instead because it's easier.. all I need to do is but video on. and continue working... of course even that.. I have difficulties.

Before this Modern Dancer.. I had done one sculpture already. From Sculpey Polymer Clay I mean. It's still not real clay but it agrees with me enough to work.

It's quite .. soft clay after you have touched it.. so it need's some.. special ways to work.. that I learned later (I will share videos again when I have edited em and so on.)

So.. One thing I had learned from the first sculpture was to make skeleton.. I made on from Iron wire and aluminium foil.

it helps the smooth clay to stay in shape and I don't need to waste this expensive clay so much.

Well basically I knew how to work it.. but after all.. It wasn't as easy as I was hoping.. I still need to look for better polymer clay.. something not so.. soft as this.. but almost.

Anyhow.. at the end I painted it over.. some people seems to use different color clays.. but I like painting more.. sadly my acrylic left it little... sticky.. I need to see what to do about it.



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