Step 5: Teeth, Eyes and Ears

Teeth: Take a a little worm of off-white clay and put it in the mouth. Make some indentations of where the individual teeth separate and detail this out. After you close the mouth again, you won't have much of a chance to rework the teeth without disturbing the rest of the lips.

Eyeballs: Make some round bits of off-white clay that are equal in size. I made about six to be sure I'd get two close enough to the same. Then, if you're using polymer clay, bake them before putting them into the sockets. Now, using small bits of clay, create the upper and lower lid.

Ears: Now that everything is close to finished, attach the ears. I'm terrible at ears. Use references.
<p>That really is awesome. I have been wanting to sculpt, but haven't dome it. This was very informative, and I am encouraged to give it a try. Thanks!</p>
That is AWESOME!!!!! Ps Check out my account i made a tv:)
Excellent 'ible! I've always envied those people such as you who have artistic talent. You make it look so easy. I've read several books on wood carving, and your tips on how to position the various parts of the face were much more concise, logical and easy to follow. I am going to copy that part of your 'ible, and put the 'ible in my 'favorites' list in my computer. Thank you for such a valuable resource!
Beautiful work and great instructions! <br> <br>Regarding the final look: If a male, long-haired white or salt and pepper eyebrows would enhance the aged appearance. Not all eyebrow hairs would be long, only a couple.The ear lobes would be longer on an elder, but I see in the last photograph that the ears were improved. Also, I'd add a couple of liver-spots, unless it's female, because &quot;she&quot; would wear some cover-up makeup. <br> <br>I enjoyed seeing your process of your additive sculpting method.
Great tips. Thanks!
I was never exposed to such things in art class so I totally loved your description of basic proportions!
Thanks! Glad it was useful!
Excellent instructable &hellip; <br>But, personally, I find the result very eerie &hellip; <br>Ew&hellip; <br>Maybe this is due to the fact that you start from the bones up &hellip; This makes it more a forensic work than sculpture : ie. art that renders expressions. One could not do that when sculpting (ie. carving) a stone such as marble : you have to work on how the model looks at first. That is on what you see. <br>Again this is a persona feeling. I do not want to criticize how others appreciate your work. I just want to add a different perspective. <br>And anyway, I did appreciate the simplicity and clarity of your instructions !&hellip;&nbsp;
Thanks for the comment. I actually intended an eerie result. It's not the process of an additive sculpture (as opposed to the subtractive types you mention) but a combination of the paint, expression and proportions. Starting with the bone structure is an easy way to make sure you keep the eyes, cheeks and jaw in the right place as you move clay around. You are right though, I did exaggerate the initial sculpt into a skull to get the point across.
Cool and creepy-I like it!
I found your descriptions very clear and precise. Very interesting from an artistic perspective. Thank you for taking the time to present this.
Very we'll done! I agree with some of the others in that it looks creepy. Maybe for Halloween? You make it look so easy, I think that's what they call talent :) thank you for posting.
God that is awesome!!! you could do that as a job on police investigations
I'd call you an expert!
This is awesome! Love the wrinkles and eyebrows.
nice! creeps me out a little but it looks good :)
Oh, yeah. Totally creepy, but that's kinda the point. Maybe should have mentioned that. Thanks!

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