Sculpting Greenstuff Vehicle Scrolls!




Introduction: Sculpting Greenstuff Vehicle Scrolls!

This is a quick tutorial showing how to sculpt vehicle scrolls.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need A tile or very smooth surface Vaseline Toothpick Knife Greenstuff

Step 2: Mix Up Some Greenstuff

Step 3: Roll

Roll out your greenstuff to about half the width of the scroll you want.

Step 4: Flatten and Smooth

Flatten and smooth the putty out as straight as you can.

Step 5: Cut

Cut out a section about the length of your little fingernail.

Step 6: In Half

Cut the section in half

Step 7: Cut More

Cut out a section one half longer than the other complete section

Step 8: Remove Excess Putty

Step 9: Line Em Up

Line up the two small sections parallel to each other.

Step 10: Overlay

Overlay with the larger section.

Step 11: Cut Out

Cut out a triangle on the smaller sections.

Step 12: Clean Up

Remove the unneeded greenstuff.

Step 13: Finishing Up

Finish up by rounding all corners and slightly curving the main part of the scroll and finally add some battle damage with the tooth pick.



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