Sculpting With Sugru





Introduction: Sculpting With Sugru

Our Makers Space held a Sugru Build Day. Lisette Torres joined us as a sculptor had a blast. This post is what she produced that afternoon.

The first thing Lisette created was a ring with Sugru, a ring blank and several glow in the dark stones. Lisette layered the colors on to give it a more in depth look. The Sugru held the stones in place and onto the ring blank.

Step 1: Updating a Barrette

These images show a quick way to update a boring barrette to give it some more style. It went from a boring black barrette to an expression of style.

Step 2: Our Very Own Instrucable Robot!

We were blown out of the water when Lisette put together our very own Instructable Robot. This guy hardened up and became VERY stable. He wonders around our Maker Station and just may become our mascot.

Step 3: A Couple More Small Items

Lisette also make a quick document holder using a bit of Sugru and a piece of copper wire and another ring that I think we'll call "Smurf Poo" :D.



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Nicely done! The robot is super cute.

Nice, I never tried sugru, but I think it could be funny!