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Introduction: Sculptural Lamp

For this lamp, I used a metal sphere that can be found at most home goods/accessory stores ($15). I added the base from an old lamp, a basic light kit and an "Edison" style light bulb.

Step 1: Wire the Base.

Using a light kit from a home improvement store, I ran the electrical cord through the base and into the fixture.

Step 2: Attach the Metal Sphere.

I sandwiched the metal sphere between the base and fixture and hand tightened it together.

Step 3: Add "Edison" Style Lightbulb.

I choose this type of lightbulb from the home improvement store for its cool look both off and on.

Step 4: Find a Great Place to Use the New Lamp.

I have it in our guest bedroom.



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    I like the shadow patterns it casts....

    It is beautiful but I was really hoping to see if you would have made the sphere. Great Idea though, thank you so much for sharing :)

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    It is one of my goals to learn how to weld. Maybe next time I'll make the sphere too!

    you could always try rapid rivets until you get the hang of welding down

    thanks for the advice! I will try that.