This is a documentation of the creation of my sculpture, "An Easy Solution".   I make art and structures that analyze the relationship between human development and the alteration of biological systems.  If you want to know more about or see my work, go to my portfolio at the Society of North American Goldsmiths' website.  The link is in my profile here.

Please note that this instructible is not meant for the for the actual physical reproduction of my art and intellectual property, only as an example of the possiblilities of creating art metalwork using a combination of hand skills and technology.

Step 1: What You Will Need

In order to engage in making high skill art metalwork, you will need access to a number of tools and materials.  You will also need to invest quite a bit of time. 

Drawing Tools and Materials
Drafting tools

Measuring Instruments
Digitial Caliper
Utility knife

Metalworking Tools
Jewelers sawframe
Various files
Various abrasive papers
Various taps and dies
Drill bits

Wood Working Tools
Various handsaws
Various rasps
Various planes
Various chisels and gouges
Cabinet scraper

Wax Working Tools
Wax pots
Wax pen
Dental tools

Moldmaking Supplies
Smooth-On Oomoo

Casting Equipment
Burnout oven
Vacuum investing machine

Drill press
Belt sander
Spindle sander
Orbital sander
Bench grinder
Angle grinder
Band Saw
Flexible shaft machine
Hand drill/driver

Technological Equipment
Waterjet Cutter
3-D Printer

Object Materials
Archtectural Salvage
Various steel plate
Various steel sheet
Various bronze sheet
Various bronze wire
Various bronze tubing
Various bronze chunks
Various silver sheet
Various silver wire
Various silver tubing
Various silver grain
Various acrylic sheet
Various patina solutions
Various paints and sealants
Thank you for sharing this. I am enlightened and inspired by your integration of technology and your art process. I have much more to explore now. Thank you again.
Wonderful process and documentation. Gorgeous outcome, too! Thank you so much for sharing.

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