Sculpture Structure for Meditiation




Introduction: Sculpture Structure for Meditiation

1" Steel Pipe
3/4" PVC Pipe
Sisal Twine
4 Ply Jute Rope
Elmer's Glue
Clear Lacquer

For Steel: Horizonal band saw, MIG welder, wire brush, angle grinder
For PVC: Saw, Heat gun

The Sparrow is a modular sculpture, made from welded steel 1" pipe for the joints, and 3/4" PVC pipe laboriously wrapped in over 4000 feet of sisal twine. The twine was then coated in Elmer's glue, and the steel in spray-on clear lacquer for weathering purposes. The dark, thicker rope is 4 ply Jute. A heat gun was used to soften and permanently bend the PVC where necessary before being wrapped.


This is a secret fortress to be buried deep in the woods far from any walking paths, glorious in its hidden privacy nestled beneath a low crop of bush-like trees and resting on a bed of moss. I have spent many an hour here, meditating, reading, sketching leaves and flowers, escaping the busy world of people and work for a small private paradise among the trees and birds. In tribute to my love of these woods and the peace I find in it, I have built a sculpture, a shelter, a protective bubble in which to escape to.

Currently the sculpture is on display at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA, but by February will be moved to its site-specific location in the woods.


If you like this artwork, feel free to see more of my work at my artist portfolio site,!



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