Introduction: Sculpture From Leftover Broccoli Soup

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The pictures above show how to model leftover broccoli soup as a side dish in the shape of a broccoli. The dish can be offered as broccoli pâté (to be served cold) or as mashed broccoli (to be served warm). It may also serve as sandwich filling (either cold or warm). No 3D-printer or programming required!

Key in successfully sculpturing this leftover soup is that it is very viscous. Use your favorite broccoli soup recipe and increase the broccoli content while reducing (tremendously) the amount of added water.

On day 1 you'll thus serve a very thick broccoli soup (or call it mashed broccoli). On day 2 you can then shape the leftover broccoli pulp on a plate in the form of a broccoli (or any other object) by using simple kitchen utensils (knife, spoon, fork). If you didn't do it yet on day 1 then use a hand blender to obtain the right modeling properties.

The sculpturing will also work really well (or even better) with mashed potatoes (leftover or fresh).

Step 1: Garnishing

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The sculpture may for example be garnished with edible flowers...

Step 2: Eating

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... Enjoy your side dish!

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alienvibes (author)2013-09-13

Alternatively you could you baby poop for a slightly less disgusting material. ;)

MIK3 H (author)2013-09-02

Lol gross

Lorddrake (author)2013-08-30

your genius is as nefarious as it is cruciferous ... well played .. well played indeed!

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