Picture of Sculpture of a Purple Dragon
Dragon 004.jpg
Dragon 009.jpg
Dragon 031.jpg
Dragon 027.jpg
Dragon 033.jpg
Dragon 042.jpg
Dragon 044.jpg
Dragon 049.jpg
A Polymer dragon I completed. Again, I didn't record the entire sculpting process.
So cool!
Thrasym2 years ago
This guy turned out kind of cute, I like it. It would make a good desktop item.

Kind of surprised to see you work with pure white clay. Did you know that using a mid-tone makes the details much easier to see? It doesn't take much if you mix a darker colour in with the white (assuming you're buying the white in bulk which makes this extra effort worthwhile).
JDMac174 (author)  Thrasym2 years ago
Thanks for the tip. This was my first sculpy creation. I actually prefer the black now. However, I just got a great deal on bulk white... so...
Yeah, I think you mentioned that on your alien. Black has the same problem as white though, makes things hard to see. Using a mid-tone won't change your life or anything, it was just a suggestion, cause I liked your stuff and wanted to leave a comment with something more than "that's cute".