Sculpture of a Purple Dragon





Introduction: Sculpture of a Purple Dragon

About: I have been working on my art for many years and it takes up a considerable part of my time. I enjoy looking at art in it's many forms and have much admiration for other people's work. I think any creation i...

A Polymer dragon I completed. Again, I didn't record the entire sculpting process.



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    This guy turned out kind of cute, I like it. It would make a good desktop item.

    Kind of surprised to see you work with pure white clay. Did you know that using a mid-tone makes the details much easier to see? It doesn't take much if you mix a darker colour in with the white (assuming you're buying the white in bulk which makes this extra effort worthwhile).

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    Thanks for the tip. This was my first sculpy creation. I actually prefer the black now. However, I just got a great deal on bulk white... so...

    Yeah, I think you mentioned that on your alien. Black has the same problem as white though, makes things hard to see. Using a mid-tone won't change your life or anything, it was just a suggestion, cause I liked your stuff and wanted to leave a comment with something more than "that's cute".