I just love sculpturing and texture in paintings....and going about it is also messy and fun! and Children just love getting down and dirty!

The learning objective of this tutorial is that the students will learn the basics of sculpturing and texture.
Children will also be improving their mortar skills and learn about the color pallet.

First have a discussion about various art and sculpture...ask the students what they like about it...
Explain about  relief sculpturing which is 2D sculpture and texture which is the perceived surface quality of the art piece...
Sometimes texture in a painting can be given by painting in different ways ...but by giving the art texture in 2D form gives it more depth and beauty.
Perhaps you could go to an art museum and preview a few relief sculpture.....ask your students to keep those pictures in mind...for you want them to recreate some of those texture.

Step 1: Things You Need

wall filler/ stucco
Card stock
aluminum foil /fork / any sculpting tool
Did you let the wall filler dry before painting or paint while still wet?
As I was doing with kids I let the filler dry and then painted. This method is good when you are not sure of colors. But the disadvantage is if pieces are broken... The white would show.<br>Mixing the paint with the filler ( water based) will prevent this ...as it would be colored inside as well.<br>Hope this helps :-)
There's practically infinite texture possibilities in this, even pressing your hands in the wet joint compound/gesso/whatever a bunch of times can result in an interesting texture as well, and kids aren't the only ones that like getting messy, grown-ups can have just as much fun making a mess as kids can.
Oh sooo true..haha..when .my husband sees me all messed up...he says 'Hmmm I see you seem not to have out grown your kiddy stage!'
-giggle- Nice! :)
That looks like awesome fun, and could make for some pretty cool texture art.
It is fun! and yes...I use this technique quite often for art :-)

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