Introduction: Scwrench

You can never be too equipped for the everyday tasks that come up unexpected.

So what's to do about it?

Wear a pack of tools around or get a expansive multitool?

No, now you can print a simple and stylish tool for your pocket.

It can also be customised to bear your logo.



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    the design looks pretty cool, but I think for real world use you would have to machine it out of steel.

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    Idealy yes, but not everyone can afford to do it that way. I think very soon home-printer materials will be up for the task. Recently I got a sample of a carbon fibre-ABS fill. Haven't tried it yet, because I don't have all metal extruder, but this model will be perfect for the experiment.

    It was made from PLA to test and calibrate , but it's meant to be printed in ABS .

    Can somebody donate one to me?

    Looks nice, but i don't think it would be convinient to handle and tighten the screw for example...

    This is pretty clever! How strong is the printed plastic? Does it hold up to very much torque?