Picture of Sea Glass Heart Hanging
This project was inspired by a birthday present; for one of my friends' sixteenth birthday, I made her a sea glass wall hanging because some of our best memories are from our jogs to the nearby beach. While designing the mobile, I thought about making the outline of a heart but decided not to; that would've been weird between friends. But I still wanted to bring that idea to life, so here it is.

If you're making this for your special other half or just for Valentine's Day decorations, you can change the color of the sea glass to fit your purpose. I wanted my hanging to represent my love for the ocean, hence all the blue. You can even add a heart-shaped picture in the middle of the sea glass border.

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Step 1: Materials

  • sea glass (I'll show you how to change the color if your sea glass is white.)
  • cups
  • water
  • watercolors, paint, or markers (dried out is fine)
  • string (two types: one for weaving so has to be thicker than sewing thread, other for connecting the sea glass so as thin as possible without being easy to snap -- sewing thread or beading thread is great. I tried fishing line but the sea glass was too light to make the fishing line hang down nicely.)
  • ribbon or substitute for hanging
  • glue
  • hot glue
  • brush
  • ruler
  • two skewers
  • scissors
  • glossy surface or wax paper
  • OPTIONAL if your sea glass is natural and not store-bought: oil (vegetable or olive) + scrap cloth or paper

Step 2: Planning the design

Picture of Planning the design
I evidently did a heart, but you can take the time to design any other shape you want, perhaps a word or a symbol. You could have a solid heart or an upside-down triangle with ombré colors (what I eventually went with for the friend's gift. For designing, I suggest using a piece of graph paper, with each filled-in square representing a piece of sea glass.
QueenBella1 year ago
That's really cute! =)
watchmeflyy (author)  QueenBella1 year ago

Thank you! ^^