Picture of Sea Horse from a Pool Noodle
Sea Horse 13.JPG
Summer time is pool time and pool noodles are cheap and fun.  So let’s add an fun twist to the plain old pool noodle (available right now at most dollar stores) and turn it into a fun and water proof “Sea Horse”, and this is how to do it.
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Step 1:

Picture of
Sea Horse 2.JPG
A pool noodle (the thinner ones work better)
12” x 4” (30cm x 10 cm) strip of felt (color to go well with the color of your noodle)
E-6000 glue (I got the new white glue, don’t like it was well, it is waterproof though)
Paring knife (sharp)
2 glass pebbles (available in the floral department of your local craft store)
Clothes pins
Straight pins
Yarn (mine is 100% cotton white)

Step 2:

Picture of
Cut off 1 yard (1 meter) of yarn.  Bend one end of the noodle until the end rests along the rest of the noodle.  Take the piece of yarn and wrap it around both widths of the noodle and tie it tight with the ends of the yarn hanging down the back of the horse.  You have now created the head.

Step 3:

Picture of
Fold the piece of felt in half, length wise.  Snip the felt almost to the fold about 1 inch (2.5cm) apart.  Don’t measure it, just eyeball it.    Put a line of glue from the top of the head down the neck to the place where the yarn is located. 

Step 4:

Picture of
Place the center of the felt along the line of glue and use straight pins to hold the felt in place until it dries (1 hour).  Use the clothes pins to hold the mane closed until it has dried.

Step 5:

Picture of
Determine where you want the eyes to be located, and then use a pen to trace around the glass pebble. 

Step 6:

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Use the paring knife to cut away of some of the noodle leaving a place for the eye to rest. 

Step 7:

Picture of
Cover the back of the pebble with the glue

Step 8:

Picture of
and place it into the recess that you cut.

So cool, love it!

Could u just use super glue instead of the yarn and make maybe a seat kinda like wat they sell at walmart
aqua 122 years ago
Cool :)
Very cute idea!