Sea Salt Scrub


Introduction: Sea Salt Scrub

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This is an easy way to exfoliate your face with stuff you maybe already have!

Step 1: Get Materials

1. Sea salt or normal salt

2. Cleanser I am using cetaphil cleanser

3. Container with lid

Step 2: Mix

Mix together at a .75-1 ratio .75 being the cleanser 1 being salt

If you don't understand ratios look below

You will need however much salt that you want and 75% of that amount in cleanser

Sorry if that does not make Any since. I can explain it better in video.

Step 3: Done!

Enjoy! You can add essential oils if you want. I don't have any though. Thanks! Please vote and comment if you have any questions.



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    Thanks for answering my question! I might try this!

    Yes you do wash it off. It might wash off a little bit of lotion, but the purpose of it is to hold the salt together...ish. If you want you can add extra lotion!

    Do you wash it off? Wouldn't it wash of the lotion?