Sea Urchin Light

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Introduction: Sea Urchin Light

This instructable tells you how to make an Uni light

Step 1: Material List

Purchase Led Globe, cable ties, tape, black spray paint, glue gun and glue stick, plastic tube and connector.

Step 2: Attaching Cable Ties

Cut cable ties in to consistent length, glue cable ties around the LED globe using a glue gun, leaving as minimum space as possible.

Step 3: Try to Glue As Many Cable Ties As Possible

try to glue as many cable ties as possible on to the globe.

Step 4: Cover and Spray Paint

Cover the area you want to reveal light with tape, spray paint the bottom of the globe. Spray paint 4+ times for complete opacity.

Step 5: More Spray Paint

Spray paint the connector and the plastic tube.

Step 6: Glueing

Glue the tube on to the globe with glue gun. check for any chipped spots, fill in with black spray paint.



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    That is probably the best use of zip ties for home decor that I have seen.