Introduction: Seal Plastic Bags Airtight Using Aluminum Foil and an Iron

Hundreds of billions of plastic bags pollute the Earth every year. I do my best to find creative ways to reuse plastic bags and help reduce such pollution. One clever way of doing so is to convert plastic bags into airtight storage for food. Using two common household items, aluminum foil and an iron, you can reuse plastic bags and reduce food spoilage, bug contamination and so much more!

Step 1: Method

  1. Place food inside plastic bag.
  2. Fold a piece of aluminum foil over the opening of the bag. Make sure the aluminum foil covers all the plastic you intend on ironing so the iron does NOT come into contact with the actual plastic.
  3. Now run the hot iron over the foil for a minute or two, allowing the plastic to melt and seal.
  4. Let cool and remove the aluminum foil. Done!


micit2 (author)2016-11-30

The best I've found cost me about $10

Ludvic (author)2015-03-01

Good! I made a similar instructables but with soldering iron...

KwartzKitten (author)2015-02-26

Dude, I love this idea! This could even be useful for emergency preppers to store rations!

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