Introduction: Search Engine Batch File

You can use this super interesting .bat file to search items based on a keyword!!!

Step 1: Make a Batch File to Start

To make a batch file, open up Notepad on your PC.

Then, save as "anyname.bat". You have to keep .bat, it will change the format to Batch.

Step 2: Codeing It

To code it, type the following...

@echo off
echo Welcome to my Search Engine!
echo Type 1 Keyword to Search. Use +s instead of spaces
set/p "keyw=Keyword is "

Then save. Do not go to that link while copying this to the clipboard either.

There! Your search engine is complete!


bobjustice (author)2016-12-30

i want to create a batch file that would automatically detect a usb drive letter

when i double click it from my desktop and delete some file extensions like .lnk

from that usb. (i don't what to copy that bat file to the usb then bouble click. i want do double click it from the destop the affect the connected usb). thanks anyone for you help in advance.

sims016 (author)2016-10-30

Amazing! Is it possible to put on website? :)

seamster (author)2016-02-16


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