Hello Everyone! In this Instructable I will give tips for Search and Destroy. Remember, you got to make the 1 life you have count.

Step 1: Rules

These are the rules and qualifications for Seach and Destroy.

5-second arm time for bomb
45-second fuse
5.1 defuse time
First team to win 4 rounds wins the match
150-second (2:30) time limit
Respawning is off
The pro versions of every perk are always better. Personally, I've found Scavenger pro the most useful, since I end up running low on ammo and I always die just after picking up someone else's weapon. I think on some guns that either already have a decent reload time (Like the AK-47) or are loaded with dual mags, you can give yourself Warlord Pro for extra grenades and extra attachments.
i find ghost pro the most usefull on S&D
but not for search<br>
The reason I don't like Scavenger Pro is because it is ironic. You pick up more ammo but you already start with maximum ammo. I also impplied that they were pro.
The idea is that you have to use up ammo and grenades to get kills. Then you refill your supplies with scavenger pro. Nothing ironic about that.
But Scavenger Pro already starts with max ammo, so whats the point of getting more. Especially because you loose it at the end of a round, just saying. I found it ironic because it takes away from the ability to get more ammo from the start.
Neato! Thanks for sharing :)
Thanks <br>

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