I got this idea when I browsing around Hobby Lobby for some materials, I saw an adorable picture of a seashell christmas tree but it had no instructions on how to make it so i winged it and this is what I came up. This is a cute and adorable little tree that is easy to make and looks great, you can use it for a center peice, decoration, or even as a gift! Enjoy :)

Step 1: Supplies

Alright so the first step (as always) is to gather your goodies. What you will nedd for this adorable little tree is:
-A styrofoam trianlgle (I used the medium size but you can do what ever size you want just know that the amount of shells you will need might double) 
-3 bags of white seashells (you will have some left over but it's better to be safe then sorry I ran out when I only needed six more shells :p)
-a bag or two of small colored seashells (I used two bags because I only used the small swirly shells but you can do waht ever you want)
-a hot glue gun (you can use shell glue from hobby lobby for $4.97 but I didnt feel like spending the money on it when I can use a hot glue gun)
This is very unique. I love your idea.
This is awesome go me because I live right by the coastline
That is so cute! I love shells!
Thanks lol my little sister is in love with anything christmas so I wanted to make her something different and found this I was suprised at how simple it was to make :)

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