Introduction: Seashell Terrarium

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Having a comforting and beautiful home atmosphere helps us relax from our busy life. This easy-to-make terrarium will not only prevent you from feeling blue in the winter but will increase the oxygen content in the air.

Step 1: Materials Needed

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These are the necessary items:

• Whatever glass container you have or choose from the store

• Sea sand

• Material for isolating in order to prevent the seashells mixing with the sand and the sand moisturizing from the watering of the plant. I personally chose nylon because it was near at hand

• Seashells

• Plant

Step 2: Basis

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  • The first step is to pour the sand into the bowl (or the other container)

Step 3: Basis

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  • Then you will have to shape the isolation material.

Cut it in a similar form as your glass container and don't worry about being too precise.

Step 4: Basis

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  • Now put the isolation material over the sand

Step 5: Arranging

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  • Put a little part of the seashells in the container .
    Try to cover the isolation material.

Step 6: Arranging

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Put the plant in the glass bowl and start filling it in with the other seashells.

Step 7: Arranging

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Fill in the gaps with smaller seashells.

Step 8: Aaaaand...ready

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A very simple way to freshen up your home or office. Enjoy :)


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-02-21

This would make a great centerpiece.

I didn't think of that but it certainly would :)

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