I decided to redecorate my bathroom in the ubiquitous beach / seashell theme, but decided that the walls were too naked for my liking.  With a less than $20 worth of parts I was able to add some real flair to the "throne room!" 

This is my first instructable, so I would love some constructive criticism :)

Step 1: Materials ...

1. Set of three "wall cube" shelves from Target ... about $15.
2. Seashells.  I was lucky to find these for $1 a basket at Dollar Tree.  I only opened two baskets & didn't even use all of them, so I had plenty.
3. Craft foam, also $1 a pack at the Dollar Tree.  I only ended up using most of a single cube, so I had plenty left over.
4. Hot glue gun & glue sticks.
5. Cutting board.
6. Sharp knife.

Since I already had the knife / cutting board but bought everything else, I think the whole thing cost me under $20 for the parts I actually used (I bought more than I needed).
<p>Very beautiful :D</p>
Cute idea for dressing up the walls.

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