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I made a wire armature from standard wire & clad it in modelling clay and sculpted it into a figurine. I first made a balsa wood bench with polymer clay feet to determine the exact size I wanted the sculpture to be. It was meant to be a collectors piece for a bar and used the original Jack Daniel photographs of him as reference. I also used a small JD bottle for scale although the bottle was never meant to be in scale with the model itself it did compliment each other in the end.

This sculpture could suffice for any brand of liquor - JD was just the inspiration.

After many hours and frustrating rebuilds I finally got it to a final product. I never anticipated to house it on a platform such as instructables else I would have recorded the steps - It was mainly trial and error process and the end product is arbitrary to the artists' choice.

Once completed I attempted and succeeded in casting a mold from silicone and cast the first prototype - i n the process the clay sculpture got destroyed (Hint:- ensure the original clay is perfect before casting - you wont get a second chance without having to rebuild the original.).

The last photo with the matchbox gives an indication of scale.

Step 1: Cast Final Resin Figurine

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I re-sanded and fingerpainted the resin copy of the figurine to simulate bronze / copper and it came out really well - I was happy..


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-10-20

That is fantastic! I love what you did to simulate bronze/copper :)

DeonD2 (author)Penolopy Bulnick2016-10-22

Thank you very much Penelope - most kind

Swansong (author)2016-10-17

This looks nice :) Do you have any progress photos from when you were making it?

DeonD2 (author)Swansong2016-10-20

Thank you. Unfortunately not because I never suspected to host the process on this platform. I used many wire and metal supports inside but they always seemed to break away because they were not attached to each other. My suggestion: - build the figurine armature complete as a whole before starting with the clay process - it acts as a skeleton support for the model.

This was posted on here for inspiration to others else I would have recorded the processes better - i will def. do it with my next project = 3D figurines in a wine barrel - I will keep you posted..

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