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This Seattle/Atlanta skyline t-shirt was made for my grandson who wanted a unique, light-weight winter shirt. I suggested that instead of making the entire shirt, that we simply pick up a good quality, long-sleeved t-shirt, then create a meaningful design and appliqué it to the back of the shirt. He loved the idea and so this dual skyline shirt was born.

The design was not as difficult to create as I had first imagined. Follow through and I will share how I made this shirt, then you can create a skyline t-shirt for someone you love too.

Step 1: Supplies

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This is what you will need.
For best results pre-wash and dry the t-shirt and iron if necessary.

1 t-shirt
1 black cotton fabric slightly larger than skyline pattern
1 White Cotton fabric slightly larger than skyline pattern
Sewing thread
Heavy duty sewing thread for hand sewing
Metallic silver Embroidery thread

Skyline pattern
Sewing needle
Embroidery hoop
Metallic ( silver ) Embroidery thread
Sewing machine or hand sew
Embroidery needle with large eye
Sewing pins
Seam ripper optional
Measuring tape
Scotch tape
Chalk or pencil
Iron and board optional
Cardboard or something to place between the top of the shirt and the inside for easier pinning
Sewing scissors and it helps to have small sharp pointed scissors for precision cutting of the pattern
Cardboard or card stock paper for pattern
Tracing paper optional

Step 2: Skyline Pattern

Picture of Skyline Pattern
Choose two cities. One for the top and one for the "reflection" at the bottom. Do an image search for royalty free images for each skyline. Resize both images to how big you want each city in your appliqué to be, then tape a piece of tracing paper directly to your computer monitor and trace the outline of each city onto the paper. My daughter said she had to modify the image so it would be easier to cut out so she basically rounded some of the edges.

Remove the tracing paper from the monitor and then tape the design onto a piece of card stock. Cut out the skyline and remove the tracing paper.

Step 3: Trace Design to Fabric

Picture of Trace Design to Fabric
Tape the skyline pattern over the black fabric and trace around the edges using chalk or a pencil.
Remove the pattern from the cloth.
Tape the skyline pattern over the grey fabric and repeat the process.

Step 4: Embroider Skyline

Picture of Embroider Skyline
Place the fabric into the embroidery hoop.
Using the silver embroidery thread, start sewing around the outline on both the skylines using an outline stitch.

Step 5: Sew the Two Skylines Together

Picture of Sew the Two Skylines Together
Sew the black and grey skylines together as shown and press if needed.

Step 6: Applique Layout

Picture of Applique Layout
Press 1/4 inch hem all around the applique.
Place the cardboard inside the t-shirt and center it.
Center the applique on the back of the shirt and pin into place.

Step 7: Sew Skyline to Tshirt

Picture of Sew Skyline to Tshirt
Sew the appliqué to the t-shirt and iron if needed.

Step 8: Sunshiines Final Thoughts

Picture of Sunshiines Final Thoughts

I was extremely happy with the results and would like to make one of these for my son with Seattle and Austin in the design instead. That said, crafters have many things they want to make but do not always have the time to get all of them made!

I wish to thank Instructables, our sponsors, contributors, and all my visitors for making this a great place to share. If you have any questions please feel free to comment.



jmyers23 (author)2014-03-15

I love it! I'm an hour outside Seattle, and I thought this was really cute.

sunshiine (author)jmyers232014-03-16

Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting! I hope you have a safe and happy year in Seattle!


hometownbetty (author)2014-03-14

What a fantastic tutorial! Sunshine, I may have to try this sometime over the summer. =)

sunshiine (author)hometownbetty2014-03-14

Thank you so much for stopping by and viewing the skyline! I hope you have an opportunity to make one. It was great fun. I have been trying to make another one but am away from home right now and don't have a place to create. :D

kd0afk (author)2014-01-19

I don't understand the connection between Seatle and Atlanta.

sunshiine (author)kd0afk2014-01-19

The images was meaningful to my grandson because it represented places he had been that meant something to him. The way the designs were laid out was his idea. Thanks for your comment and have a great day!


marcellahella (author)2014-01-17

It look really cool!

sunshiine (author)marcellahella2014-01-17

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Have a great weekend!


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-01-13

That looks great and you have the most beautiful view!

Thanks for stopping by! The view is grand isn't it? Have a great weekend!


sunshiine (author)2014-01-17

Thanks so much for taking a peek! I hope my grandson will like it! Hope your day shines!


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