Step 3: Mix It Up

Next, we're going to break/chop/cut the seaweed into the eggs.
This is also an opportune time to season your eggs with pepper, salt or soy sauce, whatever floats your boat.

As you can see, we also equipped ourselves with a ladle for the next step... you probably won't need this for anything less than a 20 egg fry-up.... so I've omitted that from the list of things-you-will-need.

Seaweed EXPANDS. You may want to let it sit for a while (5 minutes) to let it do its thing.
I make a very similar dish using nori (dried seaweed sheets). It is so delicious! Great Instructable.
Looks healthy!
thank you :) I think seaweed is a good source of calcium, iron and iodine too.

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