Introduction: Second Life of MFM Hard Drives - Iambic Telegraph Key

Do you remember a MFM hard drives? Not too fast, but very large - 20 Mb in the 5 inch rack, it was a something special! Times gone and those beautiful drives decided to rest in peace. In peace? No way!

One note - if you don't know wha-da-heck is Iambic Key, visit Wiki: As for me, this key is my way to communicate World. Our Old Good World.

Step 1: Extracting Heads From Dead Drives

There are best-of-the-best bearings inside. Because it is.

Step 2: Cut Off Fag End

Step 3: Breadboarding and Making the Plastic Base.

Breadboarding - making something using wife's bread board In my case board was slightly rustic.

Step 4: Assembling and Assembled Views


Step 5: Comunicating Using New Keyer


wcgems (author)2013-04-14

What are the pins on the front from? Is the speed adjustable? The two wire on top, what are the connected to on the top and bottom?

Arsenij (author)2011-03-06

Good idea!!!

jeff-o (author)2010-02-23

Have you got any videos of your telegraph key in use?

Andy UU1CC (author)jeff-o2010-02-24

Well, I'm trying - never did it before. Maybe hour or two later.

jeff-o (author)Andy UU1CC2010-02-24

Cool.  I suggest typing out a message in Morse code for us to decode!

Andy UU1CC (author)jeff-o2010-02-24


jeff-o (author)Andy UU1CC2010-02-25

Hey, that sounds really nice!  Of course I have no idea what the message was.  ;)

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