Picture of Second Life Of MFM Hard Drives - Iambic Telegraph Key

Do you remember a MFM hard drives? Not too fast, but very large - 20 Mb in the 5 inch rack, it was a something special! Times gone and those beautiful drives decided to rest in peace. In peace? No way!

One note - if you don't know wha-da-heck is Iambic Key, visit Wiki: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telegraph_key As for me, this key is my way to communicate World. Our Old Good World.

Step 1: Extracting Heads from Dead Drives

Picture of Extracting Heads from Dead Drives
There are best-of-the-best bearings inside. Because it is.

Step 2: Cut off fag end

Picture of Cut off fag end

Step 3: Breadboarding and making the plastic base.

Picture of Breadboarding and making the plastic base.
Breadboarding - making something using wife's bread board en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breadboard. In my case board was slightly rustic.

Step 4: Assembling and assembled views

Picture of Assembling and assembled views

Step 5: Comunicating using new keyer

Picture of Comunicating using new keyer

wcgems2 years ago
What are the pins on the front from? Is the speed adjustable? The two wire on top, what are the connected to on the top and bottom?
Arsenij4 years ago
Good idea!!!
jeff-o5 years ago
Have you got any videos of your telegraph key in use?
Andy UU1CC (author)  jeff-o5 years ago
Well, I'm trying - never did it before. Maybe hour or two later.
Cool.  I suggest typing out a message in Morse code for us to decode!
Andy UU1CC (author)  jeff-o5 years ago

Hey, that sounds really nice!  Of course I have no idea what the message was.  ;)