Second Portable Usb Charger That WORKS





Introduction: Second Portable Usb Charger That WORKS

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hi all    after making my 1st usb charger just to find out that it worked for a few minutes and then the battery got really Hot

this while unit was off... so i tried a few other things just to get to the same point. HOT Battery..........

This one cost me Ready for this??? a whole $1.00 Dollar and guess what it actually works and the battery doest not over heat....Great.

1 all you need is one USB Car charger and take the inside out.
Second place it inside a Container of your choice. mine was a small tin. with rubber on the bottom and top of tin.

3rd  a small switch  solder all together  hot glue the usb to the container plug it to your 9 v batt.    and presto

No more pulling your hair out. this works,, cheers



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    I was alittle confused reading this????? Help me out some plz

    im a fresher in this field .
    I have a bunch of doubts.
    ¤ whether the 9v battery is rechargeable?
    ¤ what is that circuit in pcb called? from where did you find that?
    ¤ whether it works for Android devices
    would you mind sending me a circuit diagram

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    hi .. the Battery is not a Rechargeable one.

    the Circuit on the PCB is from a Car USB Charger. that i took apart.

    It Should work Its from a Car charger . i don't have a Circuit diagram

    if you get a usb Car Charger they may all be Different. cheers

    But what about the toggle switch? Why is it there, where did it come from and how is it connected in the chain of wires?

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    its to power the unit up.

    its connected to the battery and the usb.....

    that must of been fun right I'm gonna give it a try in the morn cheers for that

    Kl kl just thought u may of been able to give me a bit more info as I have never touched electronics before and knowing my luck I'll blow up the block lol

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    We are

    in the same Boat i am very new to electronics.... this is my 2nd 3rd project. and man the 2nd gave me a big headache. bit crazy. 9 v batteries exploding .....

    any chance you can amend it for a blow by blow walkthrough on how u done it please?

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    hi there historicrain

    interesting name there..... if you look at the pictures you will get an idea of how this was done.

    1st get a Car charger "el cheapo" will do. brake it open .Remove the inside. and clip off the spring and the metal bit that hang loose.

    add some wire, to each end of the wires that are coming out of the USB

    one is Positive and the other is Ground " look for the + and - markings on the PCB

    where the Wires come out."

    then Connect the + wires from the battery and the USB to the Switch and do the Same with the - wires. turn unit on and it should work.. if all ok .Solder all place in side container.

    Charging an iphone 5, it only charges a portion, then iphone dosent reconize charger

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    make sure that the battery is fully charged.

    i have noticed that as it drops to 4.5V it does not power up the iPhone.

    i am new at electronics so i don't know much just learning as i go...cheers

    Yes I did place a rubber lining top and bottom of tin

    Did you put some kind of electrical insulator under the circuit board to keep from shorting out the board? hot glue or even a piece of cardboard.